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Soul Reaver - Version 1.2.72

posted on 2008-05-25 01:07:49
by Largo Usagi



A race that is based around speed health and a little bit of stealth Torment Soul - Slows Oponents. Heavy Soul - Increases Your Streingth. Ancient Drugs - Drugs, With Some Strange Side Effects.(Ability) Soul Collecter - Collects Souls And increases the Power of Your Own. Soul Sacrifice - Sacrifice a collected soul for a Health Bonus.(Ability2) Ethereal Form - Turn into an Ethereal Being.


create a folder called Soul Reaver in you WCS:P races directory, usualy Steam\steamapps\__USERACC__\source dedicated server\cstrike\addons\eventscripts\wcs\races add the line, wcs load "Soul Reaver" to the WCSRaceLoader.cfg done

Version Notes For 1.2.72

Updated on: 2008-07-21 18:19:26 EST by Largo Usagi
-Minimal Changes, NOthing Noticable

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