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WCS:Python Screenshot
Led by: Jeff91
Collaborators: freddukes
Classic, Fully Customizable, WarCraft:Source Mod. Rewritten in python for speed and functionality.

WCS:Python Details Version: 0.8.7a
Updated:2008-10-04 09:27:51
Downloads: 49476

by Jeff91
WCS:Python Satyr Race

WCS:Python Satyr Race Details Version: 0.7.9
Updated:2008-04-10 18:59:50
Downloads: 13379

Lina WCS: Python Race Screenshot
by bonbon
A remake of the ESS Lina race

Lina WCS: Python Race Details Version: 1.6
Updated:2008-04-03 18:06:26
Downloads: 5860

New WCS: python race

Magician Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2008-03-09 09:37:49
Downloads: 3501

by Jeff91
Naga Race for WCS:Python Mod

WCS:Python Naga Race Details Version: 0.8.3
Updated:2008-03-27 14:43:20
Downloads: 9743

by Jeff91
Necromancer Race for WCS:Python Based off of the Undead Necromancer in WC3:FT

WCS:Python Necromancer Race Details Version: 0.7.6
Updated:2008-06-11 12:08:20
Downloads: 13675

by Jeff91
WCS:Python Priest Race

WCS:Python Priest Race Details Version: 0.6.0b
Updated:2008-03-27 15:02:21
Downloads: 5883

by Jeff91
Converts WCS 0.7x keygroup saves into levels

WCS Keyconvertor Details Version: 0.9.0
Updated:2008-04-22 00:44:43
Downloads: 4359

WCS:Python Sandshrew Race Screenshot
by Jeff91
A WCS race based off the the pokemon!

WCS:Python Sandshrew Race Details Version: 0.5.1
Updated:2008-06-04 10:35:57
Downloads: 4311

For anyone who wants to learn to make races

Basic Race for  Teaching Purposes Details Version: 2.0
Updated:2008-07-26 03:35:54
Downloads: 5473

A full game addon for WCS:Python adding tons of new features

Warcraft Enhanced Details Version: 1.3.15
Updated:2009-11-21 02:24:23
Downloads: 4170

A Spartan class for WCS:P

SPARTAN-II Details Version: 1.2.28b
Updated:2008-12-23 20:11:00
Downloads: 5928

Pistoleer Screenshot
A Pistol Class for WCS:P

Pistoleer Details Version: 2.1.02b
Updated:2008-12-23 20:08:09
Downloads: 7307

Now you can convert your WCS 0.77 user database for use with WCS:Python

WCS Keyconvertor77 Details Version: 0.2
Updated:2008-04-22 01:30:46
Downloads: 2558

Puss-N-Boots Screenshot
A WCSP Race with a Model?!

Puss-N-Boots Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-12-25 02:35:47
Downloads: 3644

TMNT Races (All the turtles) Screenshot
Models and everything!

TMNT Races (All the turtles) Details Version: 2.0
Updated:2009-08-11 15:20:40
Downloads: 2597

A fast paced fun WCS:P class based around speed and heals

Soul Reaver Details Version: 1.2.72
Updated:2008-07-21 18:19:26
Downloads: 7899

A WCSP Race Based Around its Heals

Paladin Details Version: 1.3.00
Updated:2009-11-22 03:18:41
Downloads: 3694

Spy Race for WCS:Python Mod

WCS Python: Spy Details Version: 1.2.9
Updated:2009-01-04 11:04:41
Downloads: 7783

Learn how to how a basic WCSP Race

Learn How to Code a WCSP Race Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-12-24 14:58:16
Downloads: 2198

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