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Warcraft Enhanced - Version 1.3.15

posted on 2008-12-26 16:55:29
by Largo Usagi



A Full game Mod that plugs into the WCS:P Mod -Leveling Spell System -In Game Currency -An Inventory System -Looting System -Added a spell System -Integrates into WCS:P -Working on a Ranking System more based around ur achievments in WCS over the classic wcs rank system based on over all levels, face it killing some one who maxed out a char/class is harder than killing some one on a new char class


Get a working WCS:P installation extract the contents of the zip to your servers addons folder and load addon

Version Notes For 1.3.15

Updated on: 2009-11-21 02:24:23 EST by Largo Usagi (View Zip Contents)
-verified that WCE worked with latest ESP WCS:P -Fixed removal of bot cash in admin menu -Added a link to WCE admin from the WCS admin Menu though it still requires you to add them to the admin list in WCE -Random code optimization -Removed a lot of uneeded globals (still alot left) -Started WCE rank project based on who has earned the most WCE Exp since the last rank restart code is there but dissabled this is mainly for bug fixes

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