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BotReplace - Version 2

posted on 2012-03-19 18:22:43
Led by ShoTaXx#

Requires: I recommend an extern [url=]Autokick-Disabler[/url] to prevent more than one script doing the same.


I get this Idea out of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where dead players can play as their team bots. So i made this for Orangebox because i think its a great idea especially for CS:S Servers trying to imitate CS:GO. You can replace your friendly living Bots with chatcommand "!r". Enjoy. WARNING: This plugin uses an autokick disabler inorder to remove the ragdolls. Using this will interrupt all kick punishments on the server. Not that bad but i get asked to inform you about.


Download -> Unrar -> Upload -> add [i]es_load botreplace[/i] into your server.cfg foolproof (i hope for humanity)

Version Notes For 2

Updated on: 2012-03-20 18:40:36 EST by ShoTaXx# (View Zip Contents)
[u][b]Version 2, Release-Date 20.03.2012:[/b][/u] - Optimize autokicker to calm down L'In20Cible - Optimized advertising if-query thanks to Brainsucker [u][b]Version 1, Release-Date 19.03.2012:[/b][/u] - First Release

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