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paxDownload - Version 1.3

posted on 2008-08-31 06:09:44
by Eun


This is a simple downloadsystem, it simply adds all files in a dictory to the downloadtables, ideal for skin addons, sound files or any other stuff. Just add the directory path to a list and all files in this directory are pastet in the downloadtables. You can also specify single files that should be downloaded.


Just upload the addon into cstrike/addons/eventscripts/paxdownload/ do es_install paxdownload, and a sample downloadlist is created

Version Notes For 1.3

Updated on: 2008-12-30 06:10:24 EST by Eun
* Automatic cstrike folder detect * Automatic file detection * Backslash feature Changelog: * Changed es.server.cmd to es.server.queuecmd * Changed variablenames (path, file) (could cause problems with other objects) * Added Backslash feature

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