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Block Chat - Version 1

posted on 2009-04-07 09:31:08
by Errant


This super simple script allows you to block non-teamonly chat during clan wars (or just generally if your odd like that...) == USAGE == THe usage is simple. When you es_load blockchat all NON TEAM chat is blocked. es_unload blockchat to reset. AN ideal use for this is in your LO3.cfg. Just add: es_load blockchat to the cfg file and watch it do it's magic. Remember to add another "after war" cfg file to reset it containing: es_unload blockchat (perhaps call it truce.cfg :)) It seems a silly/simple idea but Ive had it requested from me at least 3 times now :P SORTED. Enjoy.


Unzip to /cstrike/

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Updated on: 2009-04-07 09:31:08 EST by Errant (View Zip Contents)
First version. Unlikely to be added to :)

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