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Mute Sage by MiB - Version 0.0.3

posted on 2011-01-24 01:27:05
by .:MiB:.


Great addon for Jailbreak! With this addon running you will get great muting features such as: [list] [*]Muting of dead people's voice chat without extra plugins such as Mani or SM! [*]Muting of dead people's text chat. [*]Round Timer for muting Ts at the beginning of the round for time periods. [/list] Each of the muting features above are togglable/editable in the cfg/eventscripts/mutesage/config.ini file! And with immunity options such as:* [list] [*]Immunity .text file that reads steam ids. [*]Mani Admin Admin/Immunity flag "msim". (Groups supported!) [/list] This plugin is hard to beat! Look forward to new and more exciting features to come! [b]Notices:[/b] *If either file is changed plugin needs to be reloaded so it can read the changes.


If you want to use Mani immunity please put the following line below above your es_load mutesage line. es_load examples/auth/mani_basic_auth

Version Notes For 0.0.3

Updated on: 2011-02-26 23:14:24 EST by .:MiB:. (View Zip Contents)
[list] [*]addons/eventscripts/mutesage/ [list] [*]Now using [url=]Mani Basic Auth[/url] for Mani immunity. [*]Fixed everyone remaining muted on first round of a map. [*]Format of coding changed alittle. [/list] [*]addons/eventscripts/_libs/python/ [list] [*]Changed names of internal variables and methods. [*]Now using __all__ variable to block scripts from importing internal methods and variables. [/list] [/list]

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