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15tracers est powered - Version 1.0

posted on 2008-03-05 17:04:47
by GODJonez



Designed more toward HL2:DM, uses ES_Tools to get player shooting event to draw trace lines from fired weapons. Known issues due to ES_Tools shoot event: [list] [*]If you shoot a prop of any kind, no effect happens [*]If you change maps the addon might stop working [*]Effect doesn't work for all weapons, such as crossbow or RPG due to them not hitting target immediately[/list] All of them are known issues with ES_Tools 0.420. Their behavior might be improved if the shooting event detection is improved in ES_Tools. For HL2:DM, the default trace colors are: [b]Free for all DM:[/b] yellow [b]Team DM, Combine:[/b] blue [b]Team DM, Rebels:[/b] red The colors, the tracer model (default laser) and trace time (default 0.3 seconds) can be all adjusted from inside the script file or from config files, all the adjustable variables start with prefix lt_

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Updated on: 2008-03-05 17:04:47 EST by GODJonez
Initial release

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