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Quizer - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-06-25 08:05:13
by craziest


[b]Want to do something useful while playing? Want to test your knowledge? You might even learn something new![/b] Each round players will be asked a question ([i]note: players do not see the answer![/i]). Players will be rewarded depending on how many questions they answer correctly. Includes a popup-menu to see your stats or other people's stats. You can save player stats via a setting (configurable) so they aren't lost on a server crash! [b]Highly customizable![/b] Add your own questions and edit the config.cfg file to adapt the plugin to your needs. For anymore help/suggestions visit the forum link, any response is welcome :). Have fun!


1. Download the file 2. Extract it to your [b]/cstrike/[/b] folder 3. Edit the settings in [b]config.cfg[/b] 4. Add your questions in [b]questions.txt[/b] 5. Enjoy!

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