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Al3c's Deathmatch - Version 1.0.5

posted on 2008-06-10 20:15:20
by Al3c Tr3v3lyan



Deathmatch with infinite buy time for maps without gun spawnpoints, respawning of guns for maps with gun spawnpoints and no buy area, added health for a set amount of time on spawn (spawn protection), and a forced end of the map when mp_timelimit is reached. [size=18][color=blue]Advantages[/color][/size] Guns that are on the map respawn when picked up, so there's no need for a free gun menu like in CSSDM. Buy time is extended to be the length of the map so that you can always buy guns when a buy area is present. Therefore there's no need for free gun menu in this case either. Also, for maps with buy areas, money is added to your account (amount defined by alecdm_startmoney) each time you spawn, since round restarts don't happen. Ragdolls and dropped guns are removed as in CSSDM. Has spawn protection where health is raised for a certain amount of time (defined by alecdm_sptime). [size=18][color=blue]Config[/color][/size] eventscripts_alecdm (1/0) - Leave as 1 alecdm_version - Don't change alecdm_sptime (time in seconds >=0) - Set to how long you want people to have increased health to protect against spawn attackers. alecdm_deadtime - Time between death and when they respawn alecdm_startmoney (amount of money from 0-16000) - How much money you want to add to a player's account each time they spawn. alecdm_starthealth - Defines how much health to set the player to at spawn. Use any value over 511 to use Godmode instead of a set health. (health wraps around to 0 at 512) alecdm_mapprefix - Map Prefix that indicates to use Al3c DM. Can be used in addition to the file es_alecdm_maps_db.txt... i.e. all surf_ maps plus whatever maps are defined in the file. Use an empty string ("") to just use the file. alecdm_weapons_t alecdm_weapons_ct - List of weapons/items to give to players when they spawn in addition to what they already start out with. Set to 0 to not add any weapons.


Use [code]es_install alecdm[/code] in console OR [color=orange]1.[/color] Install Mattie's EventScripts plugin (v1.5 or higher): [color=orange]2.[/color] Install Awuh0's ESTools plugin (v.420 or higher): [color=orange]3.[/color] Unzip below to your cstrike/ folder. [color=orange]4.[/color] Add the following line somewhere in autoexec.cfg: es_load alecdm (Note: There's no need to load/reload for certain maps, because you can define what maps to use it as described below) [color=orange]Finally[/color] Add whatever maps you want this script to run on in es_alecdm_maps_db.tx tor use alecdm_mapprefix below to define which maps to run it on. (Note: This can be changed without unloading/loading the script but it's recommended you reload it anyway.)

Version Notes For 1.0.5

Updated on: 2008-06-29 22:34:05 EST by Al3c Tr3v3lyan (View Zip Contents)
1.0.5 - Fixed some issues with guns being removed from wrong person. Added a debug var alecdm_debug to show weapon id's of players when they spawn/pick up a weapon, and also when they die so you can make sure they match up.

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