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ServerStats - Version 1.2

posted on 2007-08-21 15:37:31
by Lobe

Tags: css fun stats


[b]ServerStats[/b] [i]Current version: 1.1 - Revision D[/i] [b]What is ServerStats[/b] ServerStats is a simple addon that requires no setup, and records events on your server, and then displays them. In effect, it is a statistics script, for the server rather than the player [b]Why should you use it[/b] ServerStats records interesting statistics about your server (Full list below), and because it uses virtualy no processing power (Only one math command is required every time a recorded event happens) you can leave it running, safe in the knoledge that it causes no lag to your players! Also, players can use the command !liststats in chat or in their console, to recieve a print out of the server statistics! [b]What does it record?[/b] The current list of recorded statistics (More comming soon): [list] [*]Banning of players (Number of bans, SteamID and banner of last ban) [*]How many maps have been played [*]How many bombs have been defused [*]How many bombs have been dropped [*]How many bombs have exploded [*]How many flashbangs have detonated [*]How many HE grenades have detonated [*]How many hostages have been hurt [*]How many hostages have been rescued [*]Total number of name changes [*]Total number of chat messages [*]Number of players who have connected to the server [*]The SteamID of the last player to connect [*]The IP of the last player to connect [*]Total number of disconnects [*]Total number of times players have been hurt [*]Total number of deaths [*]Total number of headshots [*]Total number of jumps [*]Total number of spawns [*]Total team-changes [*]How many rounds have been played [*]How many bullets have been fired [*]How many players have been banned [*]The SteamID of the last player banned [*]Who the last player was banned by [/list]

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2007-09-01 16:13:53 EST by Lobe (View Zip Contents)
Version 1.2 -Some users reported some stats not being collected. This is a possible fix for the chat messages not being picked up.

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