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UltiAssassin - Version 1.1

posted on 2010-09-20 10:40:26
by ultimatebuster

Requires: [list] [*][url=]SPE (Source Python Extension)[/url] [/list]


UltiAssassin is a cool assassination based mod. The concept of the mod is this: You have 2 teams, 1 team has 1 player, who is the assassin. 1 team has a VIP and a group of guards that protects him. In order for the teams to be balanced, as it's all vs 1, the assassin gets 500 HP and 150 Armor, is nearly completely invisible (default alpha set to 40, though his weapons and grenade is completely visible because i haven't figure out a way to set them to something else). He is also slowed down to 80% of regular speed to balance things out. The assassin gets to choose weapons. He can choose between a list of them which is customizable. The defaults are: awp, aug, m4a1, ak47, and the p90. He also gets a deagle, 2 smoke, 3 flashbang, and 2 he grenades. The VIP gets a deagle, 200 hp and 150 armor, making it impossible to 1 shot him with and awp unless it's a headshot. He is marked with a tint of red. He also gets a smoke grenade on him for added hiding ability. To balance things out, he has 120% speed, making him even harder to hit with an awp, or any other gun. The guards gets regular health and armor, as well as a femas by default (can be customized). Their whole purpose is to cover the VIP, or even become a human shield. The objective of the game for the VIP and the guards is to survive the mp_roundtime, while the Assassin's objective is to kill the VIP in that time. It's quite fun as you can't see the assassin, and the assassin can pick off the guards one by one if they don't stick together in a group. The 5 cvars created by this mod are: - uam_viphealth: defines the health of the vip - uam_guardhealth: defines the health of the guard - uam_assassinhealth: defines the health of the assassin - uam_assassinteam: defines the assassin team number - uam_vipteam: defines the vip team number There are more customization at the top of the file. Instructions are also found there.


Extract the zip package. Copy the addons folder into your cstrike directory. Use es_load ultiassassin to enable the addon.

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2010-10-15 12:38:32 EST by ultimatebuster (View Zip Contents)
Fixed bug related to weapon's alpha value. Added a public cvar - ultiassassin_version Updated UltiLib to its latest version

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