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Anti Flash Screenshot
by bonbon
Announce team flashes + record to flashes.txt if admin on server, popup menu avialable to punish

Anti Flash Details Version: 1.5
Updated:2009-04-02 23:15:35
Downloads: 8541

*NadeFruit* - Des grenades transformées en fruit :O Screenshot
by Matth
Toutes les grenades: Grenades, Flashbang, Fumigenes deviennent des fruit sur votre serveur (Aucun telechargement sur serveur) Pasteques, bananes, orange. Comme vous le sentez

*NadeFruit* - Des grenades transformées en fruit :O Details Version: 2.2
Updated:2010-06-14 14:46:33
Downloads: 8661

This Addon will unblind Teamflashed Players. So it is impossible to Teamflash

No Teamflash Details Version: 1.2.7
Updated:2012-01-11 18:01:34
Downloads: 20210

Anti-Flash Screenshot
Kill peaple use flash, play a funny chicken sound and make flash not blind! and more check in info

Anti-Flash Details Version: v 1.1
Updated:2008-11-30 15:11:19
Downloads: 5706

Flash Wars Screenshot
A fully customizable deathmatch mod wich gives players flashbangs and 1hp and makes them throw them at each other to kill.... fixed until further notice

Flash Wars Details Version: 1.8
Updated:2009-04-16 08:07:31
Downloads: 5950

UltiFlashWar Screenshot
Flashbang war. Flashbang only!

UltiFlashWar Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-09-29 14:34:52
Downloads: 2009

by macshot
Really nice script, that you can make as a special event.

[2PAC] SmokeWar & FlashWar Details Version: 1
Updated:2010-11-03 04:07:34
Downloads: 1785

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