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Anti Flash - Version 1.5

posted on 2008-06-20 13:04:17
by bonbon


Whenever someone team flashes, every non admin will see [code]flasher team flashed victim[/code] and admins will see [code]flasher team flashed victim type !punish to punish[/code] when an admin types !punish, a menu will come up and allow them to do the following[list] [*]Forgive [*]Warn [*]Slay (Works on Zombie Mod) [*]Restrict flashbang (5-360 minutes) [*]Kick [*]Ban[/list] there's also the option for the victim to not get flashed at all, but the flasher still announced. If you have group auth set up, anyone with flash_admin access can punish, you can also specify mani_admins to have access (anyone in mani's clients.txt) and individual steamids [color=blue][size=14]Note: If you run linux, and use the ban, please update your Playerlib or your server may crash![/color][/size]


Extract all files to your game directory Edit the config to your liking Add es_load flash to your autoexec.cfg Restart your server

Version Notes For 1.5

Updated on: 2009-04-02 23:15:35 EST by bonbon (View Zip Contents)
Fixed an error if you didn't have mani installed

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