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by cbirou
Permet d'enlever le snipe a un joueur , si il l'utilise trop souvent

limite_snipe Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2008-06-08 13:59:03
Downloads: 6461

This script rewards map objectives and other nice moves like head shot, hostage rescue, CT defusing kill, T bombing kill. It also punishes bad moves like TK, hostage killing and suicide. And more...

LKCD_CSS - Configurable Scoring System Details Version: 1.1.0
Updated:2007-09-18 10:09:06
Downloads: 6612

Led by: PhOeNiX InTenSiV
Collaborators: patneze onix DoCky
Ce script ( écrit en python ) permet de restreindre l'AwP selon un quota de joueurs, d'utilisations et de Nombre par Team

Limitation de L'AwP Details Version: 1.6.14
Updated:2009-02-10 03:28:16
Downloads: 11927

by onix
Ce script ( écrit en python ) permet de restreindre l'AwP selon un quota de joueurs, d'utilisations et de Nombre par Team

Limite awp Details Version: 1.6.14
Updated:2009-05-11 02:24:13
Downloads: 4488

AWPslay, slay annoying AWP Players by Popoklopsi Screenshot
by uedi
AWPslay slay annoying AWP Players, more see on picture

AWPslay, slay annoying AWP Players by Popoklopsi Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-10-08 10:02:04
Downloads: 3182

Hone skills AWP. Need for target shooting? Record mode with the help of their movement, the BOTs will move just as well.

Skill AWP Details Version: 1.00
Updated:2011-07-19 11:04:24
Downloads: 3046

Restrict the AWP with 0/0 Ammo

XCN-AWP Restrict Details Version: UPDATED
Updated:2009-01-15 17:07:47
Downloads: 8932

Script which makes AWP sniper rifle to leave nice looking bullet traces

AWP Traces Details Version: 2.1.1
Updated:2009-05-25 16:07:33
Downloads: 9667

allow use of an awp by players to certain # of times per map

StopAWPAbuse  Details Posted: 2007-03-18 03:19:47

Only Unscop (Orange Box) Screenshot
Scripts pour serveur Unscop Scout et Awp

Only Unscop (Orange Box) Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2010-10-31 20:32:54
Downloads: 8170

L'utilisation de l'AWP fait perdre des sous, sauf si on sait jouer, et les cuts et les He font gagner de l'argent.

Anti Awp - Cut & He Sanglants Details Version: 1.4
Updated:2008-02-03 12:00:46
Downloads: 9191

Sort the men from the boys with this fun AWP addon.

AON - Awps Own Nubs Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2011-05-09 08:19:33
Downloads: 10147

by cbirou
limitation du snipe par team / joueur

restrict_ga Details Version: 1.0.0
Updated:2008-05-11 10:05:14
Downloads: 3061

Awp Restrictions Screenshot
Depending on the amount of players, it will restrict the awp to a certain amount per team.

Awp Restrictions Details Version: v1.0.0
Updated:2009-03-13 19:27:10
Downloads: 5643

UnscopeMod Screenshot
Script permettant de faire des modes unscopes.

UnscopeMod Details Version: v2.11
Updated:2011-07-01 12:52:26
Downloads: 12540

by BackRaw
simply awp-restriction, awp-count per team, buy-filter, and so on

BackRaw's AWP-Restrict (BAR) Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2009-09-09 13:45:28
Downloads: 9115

by Oskar93
My first script, dont allow to scope :)

NoScope Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2007-08-12 23:00:30
Downloads: 4956

You lost your HP when kill enemy with AWP

BadAWP Details Version: 1.0b
Updated:2007-09-30 09:08:10
Downloads: 2978

Knife players to receive AWPs

J12_AwpMugger Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-02-22 06:11:45
Downloads: 4483

by ty90012
A simple mod to give people cash for AWP kills and to punish the killed!

Awp For Cash Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2008-05-03 10:40:00
Downloads: 4097

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