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Pack of Updated races for WCS v0.78 OB

HOLLIDAY_WCS Details Version: 3.5
Updated:2013-07-09 18:35:12
Downloads: 13289

WCS Admin Mod

wcsCadmin Details Version: 3.0
Updated:2010-10-15 23:33:37
Downloads: 7300

Spiderman Screenshot
WCS :0.78 Race

Spiderman Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2011-08-07 13:20:26
Downloads: 1420

StriderHiryu Screenshot
WCS 0.78 Race

StriderHiryu Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2011-08-13 06:04:55
Downloads: 1284

Eyera Screenshot
A remake of the race Eye Ra for WCS 0.78

Eyera Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2011-08-15 01:09:42
Downloads: 1472

by ojii
Achievements for WCS

Warcraft:Source Achievements Details Version: 2
Updated:2009-01-11 03:49:10
Downloads: 4478

Basic WCS: Python race.

Tank [Left 4 Dead] Details Version: v1
Updated:2009-06-26 10:12:22
Downloads: 1475

by Tealk
This script tries to give you the same fun like in WC3:FT for CS 1.6, now in the Source engine !

WCS 11 Races Details Version: 1.76_b3
Updated:2010-08-07 15:23:03
Downloads: 1745

Warcraft: Source (Python Edition) Screenshot
WCS for Orange Box

Warcraft: Source (Python Edition) Details Version: v0.78.5g.4e
Updated:2011-08-16 10:05:34
Downloads: 3782

by Predz
Allows for WCS Admins to change players races to stop for abusive behaviour of a certain race. This is done with the WCS Flag system and so requires no extra Steam IDs to be added to any databases. You can even change Bots Races!

Warcraft Source Race Admin Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2011-12-12 18:15:39
Downloads: 1217

An addon for Warcraft-Source that gives members 1xp every 10 seconds, and donators 5xp every 10 seconds (easy to config)

wcs_memberdonatorxp Details Version: 1.0.a.v2
Updated:2013-03-21 16:36:47
Downloads: 1109

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