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wcs_memberdonatorxp - Version 1.0.a.v2

posted on 2013-03-19 14:48:49
by DeagleGameOn


[b]Hello all,[/b] [i]I'm proud to release my first addon for wcs :) Coded in python.[/i] [u][b]Info:[/b][/u] The addon gives members of your clan 1 xp every 10 seconds. Donators get 5xp every 10 seconds! The addon checks for steam-id's, So you'll have to add the steam-id's manually! [color=black][b]How to edit: [/b][/color] You can find these codes in the script itself (easy to edit with Notepad++) : Here you put the Steam ID of the donators: [code]xpDonatorPlayer = ['STEAM_ID'][/code] Here you put the Steam ID of the members of your clan: [code]xpMemberPlayer= ['STEAM_ID1', 'STEAM_ID2'][/code] Separated by an , . [code]xpDonate = 5[/code] The amount of xp for donators every 10 seconds [code]xpMember = 1[/code] The amount of xp for members every 10 seconds [code]time = 10[/code] The delaytime for having people get xp! _____________________________________________________ Screenshots: [img][/img] _____________________________________________________ [img][/img] _____________________________________________________ This all is still basic, but I'll have the things which I will update soon. ####Thank you Mr.Malinka for helping me out with unnoying problems

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Updated on: 2013-03-21 16:36:47 EST by DeagleGameOn

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