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WCS 11 Races - Version 1.76_b3

posted on 2010-08-07 15:23:03
by Tealk

Requires: Installation 1. On a clean server install eventsctipts version 338 2. Install SPE 3. Copy Zipped file and contents onto server overwriting and;sa=view;down=10 4. Add es_load estcommands and es_load wcs to autoexec.cfg


This script tries to give you the same fun like in WC3:FT for CS 1.6, now in the Source engine ! :) Inspired from Pimpin Juice's WC3 v2.0 script, I improved it up to v2.0.5, when I noticed that only a recoding of the mod will give all the features and stuff I would need for a WC3:FT mod. So I started in September '06 coding and after a few months alpha an beta testing, now its ready for public release ! (But, its NOT finished !) All by [url=][/url]


[LIST=1] [*]Extract the wcs_ob_1.76_full.rar [*]upload the cstrike ordner to your server [*]restart the Server [*]Have Fun [/LIST]

Version Notes For 1.76_b3

Updated on: 2010-08-07 15:23:03 EST by Tealk
[b]v.176_b3[/b] [LIST] [*]fixed archmage alias [*]removed es_xrand [/LIST] [b]v.176_b2[/b] [LIST] [*]Fixed issue with looping command [*]removed unrestrictall error [*]fixed restricitng bomb error [*]added succubus hunter [*]added flame predator [*]more stabilizing [/LIST] [b]v.176[/b] [LIST] [*]Restored original races [*]Fixed bug with wcs_dealdamage [*]included estcommands fix for est_slay, est_damage [*]compatible with es version 383 [*]Fixed ultimate cooldown issues [*]Replaced some more issues [/LIST] [b]v0.75[/b] [LIST] [*] added: now saving to SQL every X rounds (if SQL enabled) WCSadmin [*] added admin action logging WCSskills [*] fixed bug: you can't plant a Ward after buying anything in shopmenu WCSfunctions [*] added small delay on weapon reincarnation [*] fixed glitch in wcsmenu, where you could always use shopmenu, even if its disabled... WCSshop [*] fixed missing "no shopmenu" message [*] added small delay on scroll of respawning WCSultimates [*] fixed Chain Lightning and Entangle Roots wallcheck.... [*] changed Mole to get not stuck in walls WCSraces [*] increased Undead's vampiric aura to 66% chance [*] Orc is now 1 second immortal after reincarnation [*] fixed bloodmage's flame strike not to burn the enemy [*] changed some required levels [*] powered up Serpend Ward [*] limited Crypt Lord to 2/team [*] NEW RACE: Chameleon (optional, see the .txt file in WCSraces) [/LIST] [b]v0.73[/b] [LIST] [*] 0.73a fix: entangle root and chain not working due a typo...replace "wcs/WCSultimates/es_WCSultimates.txt" [*] if you have EST 0.418, this is an important update ! WCSlanguage [*] "de" language included ! Big thanks to confector !!! WCSskills [*] removed est_gamestarted, because its not included in EST 0.418 WCSraces [*] Archmage has now decreasing cooldown for Lift[*]Off [*] fixed the Predator to work with EST 0.418 [*] added wall check for Chain Lightning and Entangle Roots (EST 0.418) WCSusers [*] fixed ES WARNING on saving player WCSshop [*] new shopitem: longjump (thx bobbobagan) [/LIST] [b]v0.72[/b] [LIST] WCSusers [*] fixed ES ERROR glitch when saving player WCSraces [*] fixed bloodmage curing ritual showing always "0 HP" [*] Human has again the default freeze (Bash skill), not total freeze WCSadmin [*] small typo prevented to access admin menu "WCS settings" [*] removed "wcs_admin" variable ! Setup admins in es_WCSadmin_db.txt ! WCSconfig [*] new config setting to avoid bots ruling the top10 (thx WEMO): wcs_cfg_allowbotstop10 [/LIST] [b]v0.70[/b] [LIST] [*] general: divided the script in 12 "subscripts", its a lot better for maintenance and you can reload single parts, like es_reload wcs/WCSraces if you updated the race file Smile [*] due subscripts, the required ES version is 1.3.000+ ! [*] general: colored messages Wink [*] optional WCSredirect script, redirects when server is full WCSlanguage [*] the language file is now much bigger, offering real multi[*]language support ! (for races/shop items) and new UTF[*]8 support (good for special chars like äüöß or even Chinese letters) [*] new command: wcs_getlanguage WCSshop [*] recoded ! now with one main menu where you can choose categories (max 7) and in each max 9 items. [*] new items: Boots of heavy armor, off[*]the[*]shelf boots, lightning flash, necklace of immunity, mole protectant, helm of excellence, helm of clear view, ahnk of reincarnation, amulet of the cat [*] shopinfo leads now directly to the shop[*]category page, by pressing "7. buy" [*] new "maxamount" setting to avoid multiple buying WCStop10 [*] small bugfix, new command for admins: wcs_cleartop10 WCSusers [*] new layout, filesize is about 6x SMALLER [*] optional MySQL support [*] resetskills: you can set a reset penalty (like 10%) in the config file [*] showplayerinfo: completely recoded, with skills[*]spy and shows modified values like invis, gravity, speed, health, its stable now ! WCSfunctions [*] givexp: bots supported, and negative amount (XP penalty) [*] removed player_bomb and player_defuse for shop/race events, since nobody used it [*] support for flash effects ! stronger/weaker flash [*] saycommand savexp to save XP manually [*] get/set player to write to .txt DB [*] convert function to reduce .txt DB size ! [*] saycommand feedback, usage: feedback hello server admin [*] saycommand wcsmenu (or wcs) for overview and selection of other menus WCSraces [*] new settings: maximum_level and teamlimit [*] works now to allow only admins access to this race [*] most races has been BALANCED [*] recoded to enable real multi[*]language support [*] new: Succubus Hunter (remember from v2.0.5, with skulls!) WCSadmin [*] new admin file, with flags support ! eg. just give admin rights to giveXP, not reset or reload mod [*] menu: give 200/1000XP, give 2 levels, take 1 level, give $5000, reset current race, reset whole player [*] settings: give all 500XP, clear top10, toggle friendlyfire, disable mod, reload mod WCSsql [*] new subscript, manages a remote MySQL database ! [*] new setting: wcs_cfg_enablesql (requires SourceUtils plugin!) [*] you can disable the .txt file, when you enable SQL support [/LIST] [b]v0.68[/b] [LIST] ** If you have v0.65, you only need to copy the changed es_wcs.txt ! ** [*] fixed: cannot find var wcs_damage (thx Vito) [*] fixed: wcs_cfg_noshopmenu had no effect (thx squar) [*] new config setting: wcs_cfg_friendlyexplosion (good against the Mole and Suicide Bomber effect!) [*] change: Mole'd players cannot use suicide bomber (or similar) skills (thx Stylez) [*] added: multiple ultimate cooldown timer (idea: squar) [*] fixed: Players could plant warden on round end and damage players at spawn, the Wards still stay, but they don't attack in a new round (thx BrettLefty) [*] fixed a rare ERROR: cannot find the key on changerace menu [*] added more debug info (only if wcs_debug=1, to find ES/EST warnings), will be removed in v1.0 [/LIST] [b]v0.65a[/b] [LIST] [*] fixed: after being predator you cannot pickup any weapon (thx Vito, sorry guys) [/LIST] [b]v0.65[/b] [LIST] [*] added saving every X rounds (thx soundn3ko) [*] fixed wards could be planted after "CT/T wins" (thx Keksi) [*] fixing teleport mole (thx Vito) [*] weaker playerflash with Orc Chain Lightning [*] fixed rank 5 showed twice in top10 [*] fixed suicide bomber killing teammates or not counting as a kill credit (thx Mikael) [*] fixed weapon pickup, even its restricted, use es_keysetvalue WCSuserdata event_var(userid) "restricted" " OR " [*] support for ma_teleport, set wcs_noskywalking=0, this is a good option in CS:S, and very recommended with DOD:S ! (need Mani v1.2 installed) [*] optimized some code for steamid/ip TODO uniqueid [*] fixed a wrong status message of Crypt Lord [*] added "shopalias" like "racealias" [*] added wcs_giveitem, checks for dead players and stacks grenades [*] fixed wrong info output in shopinfo [*] added shopitem: Flamming Gloves of Warmth (thanks to Kal[*]El !) [*] forcing est_AntiBufferOverun 1 (very good setting to avoid lag/crash) [*] added shopitem: Mole [*] fixed Fan of Knives skill (Warden) [/LIST] [b]v0.60[/b] [LIST] [*] public release [*] some race balancing [*] new races: Shadow Hunter, Warden, Crypt Lord, Predator (optional) [*] fixed some small bugs [*] updated language file, now including Swedish (thx Mikael) [*] new code for an ability (like Serpent Wards) [/LIST] [b]v0.50[/b] [LIST] [*] fixed DOD:S, the gametype was not detected well (it's an ES error) [*] new setting: wcs_cfg_dods_noshopmenu [*] you can disable the shopmenu and gain XP instead of "credits" [*] powered up Devotion Aura [*] fixed the shopmenu bug, that items didn't stay until death [*] wcs_givelevel included [*] wcs_reload [*] reloads the race and shop [/LIST] [b]v0.49[/b] [LIST] [*] included a lot if performance optimizations (following a great guide in Mattie's forum) [*] wcs_cleanup is now working ! a 1.7MB userfile cleanup needs about 40 seconds !! So use this with caution (at night, when nobody is playing...) [*] separate language and config files [*] better for updating [*] top10 alpha ! A ranking for your total (and current) race level [*] races include now a "author" field [*] fixed ultimates (like teleport) to be executed during the freezetime [*] BOTs get no more XP ! (prevents big XP bonus for new players) [*] added some missing est_csay messages [*] 16000 credits limit (DOD:S) [*] autocleanup at 6000 players (see config file) [*] fixed a bug, where unauthorized people could start admin menu [*] fixed the bug, that speed/levitation skill doesn't work (thx to Kramgo) [*] fixed wrong message "You have max level reached", even if thats false (thx to Kramgo) [*] recoded teleport skill, and new option wcs_noskywalking *hehe* [*] new: ingame feedback formula ! [*] language "de" included [*] added wcs_cfg_disabletextonlvl : high level players don't need help texts [/LIST] [b]v0.4[/b] [LIST] [*] initial beta version [/LIST]

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