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[NCS] No Chat Spam - Version 1.0.1

posted on 2008-04-21 01:46:31
by Errant


No Chat Spam was inspired by [url=]this thread[/url] started by Sebastian. I had a spammer use some of these on a server the other night and so came up with a quick addon to fix the problem! [b][u]Features[/u][/b] [list] [*] Kills all recognised spam messages and warns the player (optional) [*] Optional time limit on messages (player posting to frequently will be warned) [*] Fully customizable [*] Langlib support [*] Auth provider support (or simple admin list) [*] Server command to update listings OR auto-update option [*] Support for "custom" spam strings [/list] [b][u]Spam strings[/u][/b] There are 2 spam string lists. The first is the internal list created from a collaboration of server admins (over time), the second is a fully customizable list for adding your own personal spam messages. [b][u]Automatic/Manual strings update[/u][/b] As more and more spam messages / strings are identified it is important to be able to keep NCS up to date. NCS supports manual or automatic update of the internal spam list. Via the cfg file you can set NCS to update during load or at round start (or both). Manually admins set via the adminlist.txt or your auth provider can run the update at any time using the SAY command !ncs NOTE: updating WILL hang the server because of the download. Do not update when players are on the server. I advise auto-updating at map start for best performance. At the same time NCS will check for updates to the actual script and download them if available! [b][u]Configuration[/u][/b] All editable cfg files are found in the nochatspam/cfg/ folder: see below for editing instructions ** cfg.ini ** Edit the cfg info to your liking [code] // set to 1 to warn players who spam in chat warn_player="1" // set to 1 for the script to check how often a player says something check_for_time_spam="1" // set the time limit (in seconds) a player must wait to be considered not spamming time_spam_limit="2" // set to 1 to update the script and chat text list on load update_on_load="1" // set to 1 to perform the updates on map start update_on_map_start="1" [/code] ** adminlist.txt ** Add admins you wish to have the ability to update the script here - one steamid per line (no spaces etc.) ALTERNATIVELY: add the "ncs_admin" permission to admins via your chosen auth provider. ** custom_chat_strings.txt ** If you want to ban specific chat messages then add them here, one message per line ** strings.ini ** Add the relevant language strings as required (english is the only available default at the moment) [code] [load_message] en="No Chat Spam by Errant has been loaded" [unload_message] en="No Chat Spam by Errant has been unloaded" [player_warn_banned_strings] en="Please do not spam the server with that text" [player_warn_time_spam] en="Please do not spam the server" [update_message] en="Updating the chat strings" [/code] Once completed run "es_load nochatspam" (or add it to your autoexec.cfg and restart the server) in the console. Note: if auto-update is turned ON then you may experience a bit of lag when loading the script, please only do son with an empty server.


Download the Zip and extract to your cstrike folder. Edit the files in the cfg folder to your requirements.

Version Notes For 1.0.1

Updated on: 2008-04-21 04:18:04 EST by Errant (View Zip Contents)
Hotfix: removed a stray dbgmsg (thx to JAMES for the catch)

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