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Entity Finder - Version 1.1a

posted on 2008-06-09 14:11:03
by GODJonez


Allows players authed for "find_entity" (fallback level #admin) to use console command [b]findent[/b] to find entities whose classname match the parameter. The script draws straight beams from the player's location to all entities matching the classname on the whole map. The colours of the beams are randomized for fancy effect :P The beams last for 5 seconds, the command can be used multiple times when tracking the entities to always draw the beams from the current location and as such make it easier to find the stuff. Works also on server console with the same command. In that case the script uses the player whose userid is the lowest currently as the source of the beams. On listen server this means whoever is hosting the game. Example command usage: [code]findent player[/code] [size=18]Why?[/size] You might wonder what is the benefit of this script and why ever did I make it. The reason is a nice HL2 mod Synergy. In some maps some things are well hidden and others are just plain broken, so I made it easier for me to locate the problem parts on the maps using this script.


[list=1][*]Make sure you have an Auth provider installed and loaded [*]If necessary, add "find_entity" capability to the people who are to be able to use this command [*]Command [b]es_install entfinder[/b] (or with extra autoload parameter if you so wish) on server console to install the script[/list] You can also manually download the zip file and extract to the game folder and then load it normally with [b]es_load entfinder[/b].

Version Notes For 1.1a

Updated on: 2008-06-13 03:19:39 EST by GODJonez (View Zip Contents)
Fixed server console command.

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