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VotePlugIn - Version 1

posted on 2009-12-31 21:58:35
by LightHades


Voteplugin is a addon that does a rating when any player wants, to load any addon listed in the dictionary "plugins" inside the file. There are some options like minimum cantity of players in the server to start the rating... time allowed to vote...


Extract the files into the mod folder (like cstrike...) and load the addon typing es_load voteplugin into the autoexec.cfg or in the console.

Version Notes For 1

Updated on: 2009-12-31 22:06:54 EST by LightHades (View Zip Contents)
Players can vote yes or no Configuration options: // Time to agree or desagree voteplugin_votetime 30 // Minimum cantity of players to start a vote voteplugin_minplayers 1 // Notice the players when a player agrees voteplugin_showyes 1 // Notice the players when a player desagrees voteplugin_showno 1

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