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vAdvertisement - Version 0.1

posted on 2010-08-29 05:08:28
by X-=[V!oLa]=-X


[size=200]vAdvertisement[/size] [img][/img] A Tiny script to add customizable advertisement in you server Made by X-=[V!oLa]=-X This is my first Addon :D Load the addon with: [code]es_load vadvertisement[/code] [b]Features:[/b] Simply add an advertisement in chat... The colour is green, you can customize the text showed in chat as you like. Show 1 advertisement every 45 seconds (Time can be modified) The configuration is in Requires only Event Scripts 2.0+


Simply put the .py file to addons/eventscripts/vadvertisement/

Version Notes For 0.1

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