User Addons

by mryoung
A full featured team balancer...

yTB - mrYoung Team Balancer v1.1r1 Details Posted: 2007-01-23 20:10:45

by mryoung
An objective script, which gives frags to people completing the objective...

yOGF - mrYoung Objective Gives Frags - v2.0r2 Details Posted: 2007-01-20 07:51:38

by mryoung
Give bonus to a team when loosing x rounds in a round

yLTB - mrYoung Loosing Team Bonus v1.1r1 Details Posted: 2007-03-02 21:13:47

by mryoung
Anti-TeamFlasher script, with spawn protection, and flashbang restrictions...

yATF_ES - mrYoung Anti-TeamFlash ES Details Version: 0.5b3
Updated:2007-10-31 21:21:23
Downloads: 7825

by mryoung
Automatic load GunGame Addons on GunGame (gg_) maps ...

yAGGL_ES - mrYoung Automatic GunGame Loader Details Version: 0.2b1
Updated:2007-08-26 10:06:56
Downloads: 1662

by mryoung
A random jukebox which play songs at round starts

yRJ_ES - mrYoung Random Jukebox Details Version: v1.0r1
Updated:2007-09-05 01:39:17
Downloads: 2456

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