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Bot Horde - Version 0.982-Beta

posted on 2007-11-01 07:51:05
by benny1012002



Players will spawn against an army of bots. They will have the choice of weapons to fight with from the built in menu. The game starts with a small wave of bots at first (15 by default) that the player needs to eliminate. The bots are armed with only knives but happen to be a lot faster (50% by default) than the player and also go in packs. The players have to fight each round against the increasing wave of bots until they reach the limit or the time runs out. Features: *Weapons Menu *Highly configurable *Set the number of bots *Set the horde increase amount *Infinite player ammo *Infinite player grenades *Bots speed *Bots health *"Extreme Ragdolls" (phys_pushscale) settings *Win limit *Time limit *Reinforcement feature To Do: *Enhanced weapon menu (like deathmatch one) with saveable selection of weapons. *Fix the spelling errors. *Make a video so i dont have to use words. I suck at explaining things :P **NOTE** Just a note about how the bot waves work... When i say a wave of 15 bots this doesn't mean 15 physical bots but a user set amount (default 10) that spawn to create a total of 15 lives. Adding too many bots may lag the server up a bit :P And i know there are spelling errors in the config. This has only been tested on a windows based server. It is stable and works fine. Go to to test this mod. It will not always be running but it is most of the time for now.

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Updated on: 2007-11-01 08:29:35 EST by benny1012002 (View Zip Contents)
*re-uploaded files (fixes)

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