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InstaSpawn - Version 0.5a

posted on 2008-04-24 06:25:29
by danglies



This is a simple mod (my first) which instantly respawns you upon death. It could be used for death match but it is inteded for use on surf/fun servers which you just want to play to win the map.


Just copy cstrike into your server directory (usually srcds) copy this into your autoexec.cfg: es_load InstaSpawn You can modify the settings in the txt file itself. All the options to change are up the top and all their features are described =)

Version Notes For 0.5a

Updated on: 2008-04-25 09:27:58 EST by danglies (View Zip Contents)
Current features: * Can easily unload mod during any game. * Respawn delay time. * Restric ALL weapons. * Optional ragdoll removal. * Optional Idle weapons removal. (defaults or all) * Ability to choose player alpha * God mode * Force respawn triggered by "!instaspawn" Current Bug Fixes: * Everyone staying in godmode once turned off * Everyone invisible (couldnt change alpha) * ALL guns beeing removed when unwanted * Spectators can nolonger !instaspawn * Problem with godmode not enabling after forced respawn Features to come: * Easy access admin * Popup menu * Enabling/Disabling mod without unloading * Restrict option available through menu Mainly the only difference between this version and version 0.4b is this one is just a lot more efficient. I fixed up the variables and bug fixes. Would really appreciate some feedback =) -Danglies

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