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Speed or HP - Version 1.1

posted on 2008-11-07 10:07:46
by BackRaw

Tags: css


When a player spawns the first time, or disconnected before, then a menu is shown to him/her which asks whether to be faster, but get less HP (55), or be slower, but get more HP (175). He/she can also choose "More Powerful Weapons", but get less HP (55) & less speed. If he/she does not want anything, he can choose "Normal Gameplay", nothing happens to him/her (HP: 100, Speed: normal).


1. Extract the Zip file in [b]./cstrike[/b], folder structure already done by me. 2. Put [code]es_xload speed_or_hp[/code]in your atoexec.cfg. 3. Either load it up manually (rcon es_load speed_or_hp) or do a mapchange.

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2009-05-13 17:19:45 EST by BackRaw (View Zip Contents)
- Improved script performance

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