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Gabeee Deathmatch - Version 2.1

posted on 2009-10-19 15:27:37
by runamagic



You can config the eventscript. :) You can find a config.cfg in the gabeee-deathmatch directory what is contani this: //Gabeee Deathmatch Config //Adverts Enable=1 Disable=0 Default=1 gabeee-deathmatch-adverts 1 //When the player died after this number in seconds he/she respawn :D Default=3 gabeee-deathmatch-respawn-time 3 //Spawnprotection Enable=1 Disable=0 Default=1 gabeee-deathmatch-spawnprotect 1 //When the player respawn enemy can't attack him/her for this number in seconds :D Default=3 gabeee-deathmatch-spawnprotect-time 3 //When a player respawn this number set the red in the player color Default=0 gabeee-deathmatch-sp-red 0 //When a player respawn this number set the green in the player color Default=0 gabeee-deathmatch-sp-green 255 //When a player respawn this number set the blue in the player color Default=0 gabeee-deathmatch-sp-blue 0 //Language english / hungarian gabeee-language "english" Here you can read the options and can set the options too xD Language : English/Hungarian


Only unzip to your eventscripts directory.

Version Notes For 2.1

Updated on: 2009-11-29 10:33:39 EST by runamagic (View Zip Contents)
Fixed Forever function

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