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S admin (script admin) - Version 1.3

posted on 2008-06-01 03:57:19
by zSweetXz


Tags: admin css menu


Mainmenu looks like this: ------------------------------- ---Admins menu--- 1. Playermanagement 2. Server commands 3. Fun commands 4. Map management 5. Free weapons 6. Admin powers 7. Play sounds 8. Who's admin more then me? 0. Exit ------------------------------- Say commands: ---------------------------------------------- ff (shows if friendlyfire is on or off) nextmap (shows the nextmap) themap (shows what's map your playing on) adminmenu (shows the mainmenu) thetime (shows thetime) admin? (shows who's the admins in your server) -----------------------------------------------


Put the maps in the cstrike folder and write es_load script in the autoexec.cfg Then just restart your server and your DONE! xD

Version Notes For 1.3

Updated on: 2008-07-21 03:10:17 EST by zSweetXz (View Zip Contents)
- if fixed regclientcmd so you can bind like this: bind l adminmenu and then just press the l button ^^

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