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Server Restarter - Version 1.0 Beta

posted on 2008-11-08 17:37:56
by jxl180


Allows (from Mani Rcon menu) admins to restart the server in the specified amount of seconds (or at round end) and warn people that server will kick all then restart. Time is customizable.


[b]DO NOT ADD ES_LOAD SERVRESTART TO AUTOEXEC.CFG!!!![/b] [b]Also, there is no need to unload it as the server will restart and autoexec will not be reloading it on server start up.[/b] Just unzip it to your cstrike path then go to your \cfg\mani_admin_plugin folder and open up rconlist.txt Add the following on it's own line: [code]"Restart Server" es_load servrestart[/code] To customize the time, open up the script for editing and in the block config { ... etc. } change the time there (it's commented).

Version Notes For 1.0 Beta

Updated on: 2008-11-09 23:13:49 EST by jxl180 (View Zip Contents)
This time I uploaded the CORRECT file.

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