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Boss Fight:Terrorist Leader - Version 1.4

posted on 2011-07-31 00:12:22
by captain master


[color=red][b]WARNING:[/b]If you find a bug or something that crashes the server let me know!!![/color] Simple addon to battle agains one terrorist wich has increased health.The more players the more health!!! [color=blue]Terrorist Leader get double health at last round[/color] [color=blue]Terrorist Leader has 10% chance to buy m4a1[/color] [color=green]Configs help here:[/color] [LIST] [*][color=blue]tl_multiply:[/color]this is multiplied by number of player resulting on the health. [*][color=blue]tl_finalround:[/color]this is the last round.Winning or losing will change the map. [*][color=blue]tl_terroristkilled:[/color]messages all players who killed the terrorist leader when he dies. [*][color=blue]tl_message:[/color]round start message. [*][color=blue]tl_ctbots:[/color]number of bots in ct.[color=red](1.2)[/color] [*][color=blue]tl_customskin:[/color]terrorist leader has custom skin?[color=red](1.2)[/color] [*][color=blue]tl_skin:[/color]path of the model after models[color=red](1.2)[/color] [*][color=blue]tl_minions:[/color]minions that help the leader[color=red](1.3)[/color] [*][color=blue]tl_minions_health:[/color]the health of the minions[color=red](1.3)[/color] [*][color=blue]tl_showroundnumber:[/color]show the number of round[color=red](1.3)[/color] [*][color=blue]tl_minions_difficulty:[/color]difficulty of minions[color=red](1.4)[/color] [*][color=blue]tl_leader_difficulty:[/color]difficulty of leader[color=red](1.4)[/color] [/LIST]


[LIST=1] [*]Download [url=]Terrorist Leader[/url] [*]Extract to folder [color=blue]cstrike[/color] [*]Add [color=blue]es_load terroristleader[/color] to your [color=blue]autoexec.cfg[/color] [syntax="es"]es_load terroristleader[/syntax] [*]Configurate it in [color=blue]config.cfg[/color] [/LIST] [code] ////////////////////////////////////////////////// //CONFIGURATION/////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Number of CT Bots you want tl_ctbots 3 //Allow terrorist leader custom skin?(1=enabled 0=disabled) tl_customskin 0 //The Terrorist Leader has a custom skin(Example:player/folder/model) //(Example:player/ct_gign) //Remember to put that skin in downloads.cfg tl_skin player/ct_gign //Number of players X tl_multiply is the health(Do not put too much!!!) tl_multiply 250 //Round the Terrorist gains double health(The Final Round) tl_lastround 20 //Message when Terrorist Leader is killed tl_terroristkilled 1 //Show message in what round they are tl_showroundnumber 0 //How many minions the terrorist leader will have(Do not put too much!!!) tl_minions 0 //The health of the terrorist leader minions tl_minions_health 50 //The difficulty of the minions(easy,normal,hard,expert) tl_minions_difficulty easy //The difficulty of the Leader(easy,normal,hard,expert) tl_leader_difficulty expert //Message with objectives(Find and kill the Terrorist Leader) tl_message 1 ///////////////////////////////////////////////// //END OF CONFIGURATION/////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////[/code] [color=green]For the Tlmenu:[/color] [LIST] [*][syntax="es"]es_load tlmenu[/syntax] [/LIST]

Version Notes For 1.4

Updated on: 2011-08-04 11:14:15 EST by captain master (View Zip Contents)
[LIST] [*][color=green]Added:[/color]Minions Difficulty [*][color=green]Added:[/color]Leader Difficulty [*][color=red]Fixed:[/color][url=]TLMenu[/url] [/LIST]

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