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[29/7/07] SSBP v1.0 -Skill Before Pro- - Version 1.0

posted on 2007-07-29 15:24:46
by sn4k3


[size=18][color=red](SSBP V1.0)[/color][/size] [b][color=blue]REQUIREMENTS[/color][/b] [url=]Events Scritps (v1.5.0.164+)[/url] [url=]SourceUtils (v1.6+)[/url] [b]A MySQL Host![/b] (Data For Save Is Not Heavy!) [b]2 Server Running That Script![/b] *************************************************************** [b][color=blue]WARNING[/color][/b] EDIT THE (ssbp/ssbp_server.cfg) All configs must be rigth!!!! You Not Need Create Any MySQL Data!!! ************************************************************** [b][color=red]Install[/color][/b] Copy all folders to "root/cstrike" Open "root/cstrike/cfg/autoexec.cfg" And put this.... mattie_eventscripts 1 es_load ssbp ************************************************************** [b][color=red]WebPages[/color][/b] [url=]Servers Using SSBP[/url] [b][url=]Get notified whenever a new SSBP version is uploaded[/url][/b] ************************************************************* [b][color=red]Decription[/color][/b] Skill Befor Pro is a script require two servers! In a server (Master) players able to increase his Skills (Kdp) (Kills/Deads) In Other Server (Client) Only can play skills players with a min Kdp (Kills/Deads) In Master Mod is only allowed win/lose skills In Client Mod only can play pros! but server can be set to disable/enable Client server count for Skills! // Allow Players Win/Lose Kdp In Client Mod // 0 = Disable | 1 = Enable ssbp_client_can_skill 1 If a player join in client server without Min. Kdp will be kicked!! or can be imunne (ADMIN) When players win/lose skills show a hithud with winning Skills! Players can win extra kills/deads eg. plaint bombs, defuse, hostages, headshot, knife kill .... Kdp will be saved at player_disconnect in a mysql db Mysql BD Format Will Be: [code]database: ssbp_table: SteamId: Kills: Deads:[/code] ************************************************************* [b][color=red]Credits[/color][/b] [color=green]sn4k3[/color] -> Script Developer [color=green]Michel Robert[/color] -> Script Request From A Client

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2007-07-29 15:24:46 EST by sn4k3 (View Zip Contents)
v1.0 [29/07/07] - first realse

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