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SIC- Bullet Time * TF2 * ScreenShot

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SIC- Bullet Time * TF2 * - Version 0.1

posted on 2009-02-13 18:30:35
by sicman_adrian


Original Idea by MBchrono For Sounds go to Bullet Time is when hole sever slows down including bullets . physics and layers * Events Bullet Time Triggers * - Kill Streaks - 1v1 - Flag Captured also When droped etc - Round Start - When team Wins Warning When Bullet Time is triggered it requires sv_cheats 1 which it does auto with out notify message * Need Fixin * - @trigger command * Coming Soon * - Bullet Time Rank - Trigger for when some one is dominated


Extract in to tf/ Add es_load bullettime to autoexec Restart Sever * Note * On first load .cfg is created in bullettime folder

Version Notes For 0.1

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- First Release

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