Addons by Tag

by ojii
Chooses the sv_downloadurl from a file with different urls

Download URL Manager Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2008-06-19 10:45:03
Downloads: 19702

GunGame Mangement from inside XA menu

GunGame Admin Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-04-24 16:03:59
Downloads: 5391

by Undead
Simple enjoyable Radio Script

Radio Details Version: 5.3
Updated:2010-05-23 14:56:27
Downloads: 41965

Poser Screenshot
by Jeff91
When a player scores a knife kill, they take the model of the person they kill.

Poser Details Version: 0.91
Updated:2008-07-26 09:03:33
Downloads: 8285

by ojii
Updates EventScripts directly on the server. No more downloading/extracting/uploading...

EventScripts Updater Details Version: 1.1fixed
Updated:2008-12-10 02:59:50
Downloads: 8019

Use SPE functionality inside of ESS

SPE ESS Details Version: v0.2
Updated:2009-09-05 19:49:00
Downloads: 6187

by ojii
Plays an awesome sound (from HoN) when someone ragequits!

Rage Quit Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2009-11-11 18:13:23
Downloads: 10077

Thermal Goggles Updated to 1.2 Screenshot
Thermal goggles on source mods! 2 new cvars added!!!

Thermal Goggles Updated to 1.2 Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2008-12-01 18:41:39
Downloads: 9596

justAdmins is an addon to play sounds and send messages when an admin joins or leaves the server.

justAdmins Details Version: 1.0 27/12/08
Updated:2008-12-27 09:35:22
Downloads: 5981

by Errant
Last five lists the last 5 players to leave your server - and gives options to ban them

Last Five Details Version: 1.1.1
Updated:2009-11-08 10:36:48
Downloads: 6744

This plugin shows the damage of your hits

ShowDamage Mod Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-07-11 08:21:19
Downloads: 12691

Script addon to add rounds to deathmatch servers

DM EndRound Details Version: 2.5
Updated:2011-10-25 13:41:15
Downloads: 20231

by Jeff91
Give user's bonuses (and effects) for reaching X amount of kills without dieing

Custom Kill Streaks Details Version: 0.7.4
Updated:2009-01-18 15:41:24
Downloads: 15191

by RideGuy
Bans SteamID's matching the criteria of a CyberCafe Account

CafeBan Details Version: 1.6
Updated:2008-06-30 21:19:48
Downloads: 14092

ESS Objects Screenshot
by Jeff91
Used to make ESS a bit more like python for Classic scripters, Allows for passing arguments into blocks.

ESS Objects Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-11-06 18:35:20
Downloads: 5030

JAdmin Screenshot
by Jeff91
A Basic No-BS Cross Game Admin Tool.

JAdmin Details Version: 1.03
Updated:2010-05-09 23:00:47
Downloads: 38445

Body Dissolver That Works on CSS,HL2DM,TF2,DOD:S

SIC-Dissolver Details Version: 0.3
Updated:2008-11-03 02:13:26
Downloads: 10786

Taskplaner for console commands

Cron Jobs Details Version: 3.0.2
Updated:2009-04-08 10:13:59
Downloads: 9203

Counts the rounds and/or kills of players and assigns VIP players

Vip Mod Details Version: 2.0.0
Updated:2009-01-02 14:57:00
Downloads: 9809

If two people shoot eachother at the exact same time, they will kill eachother. Adds a bit of realism to the game.

DelayedDeaths Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-04-06 16:16:12
Downloads: 4078

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