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DM EndRound - Version 2.5

posted on 2006-09-26 17:45:07
by GODJonez


Forces "Round Draw" after specified time. This addon is mainly intended for DeathMatch servers or other servers where the rounds last infinitely long due to scripts or mods used, but the server admin would like to make the rounds last for a limited time only, starting new ones. This addon defaults to using the mp_roundtime server variable to determine when to end the round. However, this can be overridden with dm_roundtime; mp_roundtime controls the in-game round time clock and is therefore limited to a value between 1.0 and 9.0 (in minutes). In contrary dm_roundtime accepts any value between 0.0 to over the maximum uptime of your server. One more advantage in dm_roundtime compared to mp_roundtime is that you can set it not only as floating point number being minutes, but also in a fashion of minutes:seconds, for example "dm_roundtime 6:42" would make rounds last at most exactly 6 minutes and 42 seconds. All server variables this script addon creates: [list][*][b]dm_endround_v[/b] - the version of this script, this variable is also listed in server query [*][b]dm_endround[/b] - value can be either 0 or 1, defaults to 1. When set to 0, this addon does not force round ending but still updates dm_realround variable. When set to 1, behavior is as expected. [*][b]dm_endround_effect[/b] - value can be either 0 or 1, defaults to 1. When set to 1, the script will play the "Round draw" radio sound and freeze players on ending the round (CS:S only), it will take 2 seconds for the new round to start. When set to 0, the round is ended and new one starts immediately with no sound. [*][b]dm_realround[/b] - A read-only variable telling whether there is a round active or not. This is set to 1 when freeze time ends and set to 0 when the round ends. Works in CS:S, DOD:S and TF2. [*][b]dm_roundtime[/b] - Not really a server variable but acts like one, described in detail above. [*][b]dm_disabled_maps[/b] - List of partial map names (separated with commas) where forced round endings must not happen. For example to disable this addon on all bombing and hostage rescue maps in Counter-Strike: Source, one would like to set this variable to "cs_,de_". [*][b]dm_endround_draw_time[/b] - Time in seconds the endround effect lasts. Also in CS:S the players will be frozen during this time period. Defaults to 2, and is only effective when dm_endround_effect is not 0. [*][b]dm_endround_draw_msg[/b] - Text to show to players when round ends. Defaults to "Round Draw!" [*][b]dm_endround_draw_sound[/b] - Sound file to play on round end. Path must be relative to the sound-directory. The sound file will be automatically added to downloadable files list. Defaults to the CS:S Round Draw radio sound "radio/rounddraw.wav". [*][b]dm_endround_warning_time[/b] - Time in seconds before round end to display a message and play a sound. Can be used to warn players that a long round is ending when they cannot see the timeleft from game clock. For example setting this to 60 will show the message 1 minute before round ends. Setting value to 0 will disable feature (default). [*][b]dm_endround_warning_msg[/b] - Text to show to players when warning time hits. Setting to empty or 0 disables text. [*][b]dm_endround_warning_sound[/b] - Sound file to play on warning time. Path must be relative to the sound-directory. The sound file will be automatically added to downloadable files list. Setting to empty or 0 disables warning sound. [/list] Since version 2.4 this addon requires EventScripts 2.1 or newer and supports all Source games that use round_start, round_end or similar events and that have either "endround" or "mp_restartround" command available. Note: after loading this script it does not become effective until the next round, so if you load it in the middle of a round, that round will not be forced to end by this script, but the next one will.


Write [b]es_install dmendround[/b] to server console or using RCON. If you like, you can also use the optional autoload parameter with es_install to make this script load automatically every time the server is started. Alternative way is to download this script from the download link above and extract to your game folder. Then load it using [b]es_load dmendround[/b] in server console or through RCON, or add the line in autoexec.cfg to make it load automatically on server start.

Version Notes For 2.5

Updated on: 2011-10-25 13:41:15 EST by GODJonez (View Zip Contents)
Fixed round not ending but only freezing players since the new engine updates.

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