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Download URL Manager - Version 1.3

posted on 2008-03-21 06:19:55
by ojii


[b]Why should this addon be any good for you?[/b] Imagine you have a server to store your files that you use with sv_downloadurl. But unfortunately, because you're not that rich, the server is quiet slow. Now imagine you also know some other downloadservers, that are not always online though. This addon will use the download server you give the highest priority if available. [b]How does this work?[/b] You edit the file ../cfg/download_manager.txt to include a link to the servers on each line. The first line is your prefered server and the ones one the bottom are slower ones. The script will then check when its loaded or when the map changes if the servers are available, starting at the top. The first server that could establish a connection to the game server will be used in sv_downloadurl. [b]How do I see which server is currently in use?[/b] Put your SteamID into the file ../cfg/download_manager_admins.txt and type !downloadurl into the chat on the server. The script will then tell you which server is in use. [b]I've found a bug/It doesn't work/WTF???[/b] Please post in the forum topic and let me know.


Unzip the zipfile you downloaded into your games root direction. (eg. /cstrike/). Then edit the files ../cfg/download_manager.txt and ../cfg/download_manager_admins.txt to fit your needs. Then put the following line into your ../cfg/autoexec.cfg: [code]es_load download_manager[/code]

Version Notes For 1.3

Updated on: 2008-06-19 10:45:03 EST by ojii (View Zip Contents)
Fixed critical indentation bug

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