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Custom Kill Streaks - Version 0.7.4

posted on 2008-05-19 18:23:55
by Jeff91


Give user's bonuses (and effects) for reaching X amount of kills without dieing. At the top of the [syntax="python"]'''Begin Config Vars''' KillStreakStart = 16 Time = 16 #Time is in seconds (for god mode and effect) DamageBonus = .5 #Will multi and add this much damage to the users attack while in 'god mode' For example .5 = 50% more damage Flash = 1 #Will make the user flash different colors every second. Set to 0 to turn off (Just thought it would be fun xD) Teams = ['2','3'] #Which number teams are allowed to have kill streak bonuses. (2=T and 3=CT) '''End Config Vars - Do not Touch Below this line please!'''[/syntax] Configure to your leisure! Let me know if it works for you ;) ~J3ff

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