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EventScripts Updater - Version 1.1fixed

posted on 2008-12-09 07:51:10
by ojii


Tired of downloading, extracting and uploading ES for hours every time a new version is released? Well this addon could do all that for you! This addon updates ES without you downloading and uploading it. This release only supports linux servers (or windows server with python installed)! For windows support read the forum thread. To get it to work, open the file /addons/eventscripts/updater/ with the editor of your choice and edit the CONFIG section. [code]### ### CONFIG START ### # set the console command to load your server server_command = '/home/jonas/srcds/srcds_run -game "Counter-Strike Source" +map de_dust' # if you're on win and don't have python, set it to False python = True ### ### CONFIG END ### [/code] You can then use the updater after you loaded it (es_load updater) by using the console command 'updater' followed by the URL pointing to the new release. EG: [code]updater[/code] Note that this addon should automatically write the correct vdf.

Version Notes For 1.1fixed

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