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SPE ESS - Version v0.2

posted on 2009-08-27 16:29:44
by Einlanzers

Tags: css dods hl2dm TF2


[size=18][color=darkred]SPE ESS[/color][/size] [color=indigo]Requirements[/color]: SPE ES 2.x [color=indigo]Installation[/color]: 1) Place [color=green][/color] inside of [color=red]cstrike/addons/eventscripts/speess[/color] 2) Add this to [color=green]autoexec.cfg[/color] [code]es_load speess[/code] 3) Restart server. [color=indigo]Description[/color]: Takes all the handy functionality of SPE and allows you to use it via easy-to-use console commands, so you can use it in ESS script or just via the server console. [color=indigo]Commands[/color]: [quote]spe_createent [variable] <classname> - Creates this entity on the map and stores its index inside of the variable spe_entexists <variable> <index> - Stores 1 in variable if entity exists. 0 otherwise. spe_getweaponindex <variable> <userid> <classname> - Stores the index of the weapon with classname that the player has in variable otherwise -1. spe_getslotweapon <variable> <userid> <slot> - Stores the index of the weapon a player has in the slot in the variable otherwise -1. NOTE: slot does not mean the typical weapon slot (knife = 1, pistol = 2, etc) it means the playerprop weaponslots. spe_removeent <index> - Safely removes the specified entity at index from the game. spe_setentname <index> <name> - Sets the targetname of the entity at index to name. spe_setkeyvalue <index> <keyname> <keyvalue> - Sets the keyname at the index to keyvalue. spe_respawn <userid> - Respawns the player with userid. spe_changeteam <userid> <teamnum> - Changes player with userid to team at teamnum. spe_getactiveweaponindex <variable> <userid> - Stores the index of the player with userid's current weapon in variable. Otherwise -1. spe_getclassname <variable> <index> - Stores the classname of the entity at index in variable. Otherwise "". spe_prehook <eventname> - Registers a prehook to trigger this block when the event happens. spe_unprehook <eventname> - unregisters a prehook to trigger this block when the event happens.[/quote] [color=indigo]Prehooking[/color]: Here's an example of how to use pre-hooking: [color=green]cstrike/addons/eventscripts/hooktest/es_hooktest.txt[/color] [syntax="es"]block load { spe_prehook player_death hooktest/respawn } block unload { spe_unprehook player_death hooktest/respawn } block respawn { es_xsetinfo playername 0 es_getplayername playername server_var(userid) es spe_respawn server_var(userid) es_msg server_var(playername) was respawned before he even died! }[/syntax]

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