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ronins haha

ronins haha Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2007-10-10 20:14:21
Downloads: 4561

UltimateGrenades Screenshot
by deathx9
A simple (but very fun) addon that gives you unlimited HE grenades, and a health boost when you kill somebody.

UltimateGrenades Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-03-23 23:57:08
Downloads: 3989

showz who got owned and playz sound

weeds_knife Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-03-29 18:40:30
Downloads: 5767

An EXPLOSIVE Knife Deathmatch with 1 hit kill and instant respawn.

MegaKnife Explosive DM Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2008-05-05 09:56:49
Downloads: 4554

iDeathMatch is a simple deathmatch mod which has many features. It is currently in the BETA stage, so please report any bugs.

iDeathMatch v1.0 BETA Details Version: v1.0
Updated:2008-05-06 05:01:34
Downloads: 3554

Play custom or default sounds whenever a player gets a knife kill! With option to add auto-download to custom sounds!

Knife Sounds! Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-06-24 03:02:21
Downloads: 6533

Knife after gunkill was created by OutKast/WarOrphans clan and has become popular in most GG4 and GG5 servers. This script was created for players who were new to the concept of getting 1 gunkill then you had to knife. Enjoy!!! TEAM WO 4 LIFE

Knife after Gun Kill for GG5 Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-03-30 17:08:55
Downloads: 2492

by AltexXx
gg_knifetop addon adds knife ranking to the GunGame 5

gg_knifetop Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-05-03 08:35:41
Downloads: 2780

FreeKnife Screenshot
Gives a player a knife by typing !fknife

FreeKnife Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-06-02 11:32:34
Downloads: 3696

by falcone
kill enemy with knife to get more cash , hpback , freegun (in config)

knifebonus Details Version: V1.0
Updated:2009-11-07 13:48:38
Downloads: 4823

KnifeOnly Mod made entirely to work with gungame.

Knife Only - Gungame Compatible - CS:S Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2009-10-15 14:04:36
Downloads: 7504

crazybart Screenshot
crazy bart

crazybart Details Version: 1.5
Updated:2009-10-27 13:39:42
Downloads: 4681

knife gaining Screenshot

knife gaining Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-10-28 15:18:24
Downloads: 2783

by westham
allow player to drop knife and nades

AdvancedDrop Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-11-09 17:43:55
Downloads: 2928

L4D2 Zombieclaws for CSS Zombiemod Screenshot
Led by: stabby
Collaborators: Einlanzers
Gives zombies in C0ldfyre's zombiemod zombie claw L4D2 viewmodels serverside

L4D2 Zombieclaws for CSS Zombiemod Details Version: 1.3FIX
Updated:2010-04-17 15:59:10
Downloads: 30598

zombieclaws for CSS zombiemod Screenshot
Led by: stabby
Collaborators: Einlanzers
Gives zombies in C0ldfyre's zombiemod zombie claw viewmodels serverside

zombieclaws for CSS zombiemod Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2010-02-20 11:04:47
Downloads: 5962

Fun Game [1.0] Screenshot
by westham
Basic is. when you shot some one you get bonus go click at ME at read more :D

Fun Game [1.0] Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-02-16 13:46:32
Downloads: 3071

Dogtag Hunt Screenshot
Take dogtags of enemies! Has a collection viewer and top 10s

Dogtag Hunt Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2011-06-15 15:34:28
Downloads: 6214

by h2t
Brings you an awesome gaming experience based on slingshot but its not the same! Its an awesome new gametype!

- TiGuel - Brings you an awesome gaming experience Details Version: 1.1beta
Updated:2011-05-09 14:16:49
Downloads: 2414

LnD Knife Screenshot
by LnD
LnD Knife is a Full-Featured Knife Addon, you can set the HP, ARMOR and CASH Which a Player gain if he Kills someone with a Knife, u can set if A Player will be burned or freezed if hitted by a Knife, and A Knife-Only Mod is included too!

LnD Knife Details Version: v1.8
Updated:2011-07-17 09:23:02
Downloads: 8126

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