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Knife Only - Gungame Compatible - CS:S - Version 1.1

posted on 2009-08-19 21:23:13
by mdrewitt


Tags: css GunGame knife


This is a Knife only script that will work with Gungame 5 (or lower) Which most wont work. Simply make an rcon vote to ask if the mod should be loaded. This DOES NOT restrict grenades, as it is programmed for Gungame, so still allowing a player to get their nade kill. Uses esTools to strip players of there weapon, so make sure to have the latest version installed. leave comments or requests


Copy into /cstrike/ folder. In mani use the 'voterconlist.txt' to load the plugin (example included) or put 'es_load knifeonly' into your servers autoexec.cfg if you want it to be permanently on (located in cstrike/cfg, or simply make one if it does not exist)

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2009-10-15 14:04:36 EST by mdrewitt (View Zip Contents)
Version 1.0: removes slot 1 and 2 and is loaded by rcon vote Version 1.1: fixed file folder system in .zip to increase ease of install

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