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- TiGuel - Brings you an awesome gaming experience - Version 1.1beta

posted on 2011-05-09 14:16:49
by h2t

Requires: ES_Tools (Optional)


Brings you an awesome gaming experience! TiGuel is based on Slingshot. You start with a USP and a Knife only! You are immortal, only a knife hit stuns you and make you mortal for 5 seconds! Be aware of knifes, dude!


1. Extract ZIP into your cstrike folder...

Version Notes For 1.1beta

Updated on: 2011-05-09 14:16:49 EST by h2t (View Zip Contents)
Features: -Slingshot -Immortal :P -Knife stuns and turn stunned player into mortal mode -ONLY WITH ES_TOOLS: Force respawn.... -Stun and kill messages -Kill sound Planned: -Delete some Bugs :P -DeathMatch mode included... -Allow primary weapons and restrict secondary weapons only... -Some more features, post comments with your ideas :D

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