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Knife Sounds! - Version 1.0

posted on 2008-06-19 17:50:46
by Kat_Fish


Whenever a player gets a knife kill the player will play a sound to everyone. The sound can be set as either one of the bot sounds, like 'owned' or 'very nice' or it can be set to a custom sound with an option to auto-download the custom sound too. Idea from:


Installing this script! Download the script package (or copy and paste the text to a new text file if it is posted. All my scripts have the files in a .rar file in the correct folders you will not need to copy and paste anything). Copy the folder containing the file knife_sounds.txt into the eventscripts folder: ../cstrike/addons/eventscripts/knife_sounds/es_knife_sounds.txt If the script is posted as a text file copy the text into the equivelent .txt file. Add es_load knife_sounds to your autoexec.cfg Restart your server. You're done!

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Updated on: 2008-06-24 03:02:21 EST by Kat_Fish (View Zip Contents)
Fully working

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