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zombieclaws for CSS zombiemod ScreenShot

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zombieclaws for CSS zombiemod - Version 1.3

posted on 2010-01-17 23:37:58
Led by stabby
Collaborators: Einlanzers


This package will make the knife's view model change to zombieclaws serverside when a player is zombified in C0ldfyre's Zombiemod 2.0+ these zombieclaws can be the same skin for each player or a random one. Requires [b][url=]Einlanzers' Modelchanger 0.3+[/b][/url](included in the package). Massive credit goes to Einlanzers for his work on the modelchanger script and the original zombieknife script which i modified into this one. In this package is 1 zombiehands model made by unknown. NOTE: Due to client side prediction (cl_predict 1), the model may occasionally flicker back to the regular knife model, the frequency of this happening depends on server load, playercount etc... cl_predict can be set to 0 to disable this flickering, but this will have a very negative impact on game performance.


- Unrar the contents of this zip to your gameservers cstrike directory - configure the script in cfg/zombiemod/zombieclaws.cfg - Add the following to your autoexec.cfg [b] es_load modelchanger[/b] [b] es_load zombieclaws[/b] - restart your server.

Version Notes For 1.3

Updated on: 2010-02-20 11:04:47 EST by stabby (View Zip Contents)
Update 1.2-1.3 - Included latest modelchanger and modellib - Recoded some parts. NOTE: The scripts and modelchanger included are the same as in my L4D2 zombieclaws package. The only difference between these 2 packages are the included viewmodels and configuration.

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