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by bobdole
Small script that gives money for headshots with increasing bonuses.

HeadHunter Details Version: v2.0
Updated:2008-02-23 06:03:58
Downloads: 4793

SimpleDeathMatch Screenshot
by 3R10N
A very nice DeathMatch Script full of hours of Butt Munching Fun :)

SimpleDeathMatch Details Version: 1.1a
Updated:2008-02-19 18:55:57
Downloads: 8824

by Undead
Makes it to where it only takes 1 shot to kill someone

One-Hit-Kill Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2009-04-15 22:22:54
Downloads: 8184

SIC- Bullet Time * TF2 * Screenshot
This is a rewrite of mb_bullettime with tf2 events

SIC- Bullet Time * TF2 * Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2009-02-13 18:30:34
Downloads: 3156

killbot kills all bots when all human players are dead

killbot Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-08-25 07:09:58
Downloads: 2978

by roof
You can knife the Zombie with 1 Hit, but when there are less then 2 Zombies, it will be restricted

[1Hit] KnifeZombie Python Details Version: 1.1 a
Updated:2011-07-10 16:35:49
Downloads: 10667

by bobdole
Small scipt that counts total kills and headshots and displays them.

KillCounter Details Version: v1.3
Updated:2008-02-23 05:46:35
Downloads: 8416

by bobdole
A script for 24/7 scoutmap servers exclusively.

ScoutCounter Details Version: v1.4
Updated:2008-02-23 04:48:55
Downloads: 6299

by Acid
A simpel Script. kills people if they dont finish their targets

Devil loser killer Details Version: 0.1 fixed
Updated:2008-05-08 11:07:05
Downloads: 4413

sr_ColorizedKills Screenshot
by 3R10N
A script that will change your color depending upon your amount of Kills

sr_ColorizedKills Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-09-16 20:04:00
Downloads: 5074

by Fugi91
Töte einen Gegner und Du und dein Team werden mit einem Lebens Bonus belohnt! / Kill an enemy and you and your team will be rewarded with bonus life!

Kill For Life Points [DE/EN/FR] Details Version: 1.21
Updated:2017-11-20 04:06:54
Downloads: 8745

by lawless
Du bekommst mehr Leben, wirst schneller, hast Unendlich Munition und low Gravity dann tötest du die Gegner

Para Battle Mod Details Version: 1.6
Updated:2012-07-15 19:30:05
Downloads: 8464

This is a simple deathmatch script that uses Es tools to respawn all players when they die. {Simple}

PhantOm DeathMatch [v2.0] [ES 1.5++] Details Version: v2.0
Updated:2008-01-30 16:59:19
Downloads: 3455

A Suicide addon very Simple

Selfkill Details Version: 1.0 Alpha
Updated:2009-04-25 12:23:50
Downloads: 2682

When a player types a selected thing it will kill them.

Say Kill Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-05-11 04:43:50
Downloads: 2741

Slay Menu V2 Screenshot
slay your opponent in cold blood!

Slay Menu V2 Details Version: 2.0
Updated:2009-05-12 07:28:27
Downloads: 2681

Kill Damage Info 3 Screenshot
Shows simple information on player hit/kill.

Kill Damage Info 3 Details Version: 3.6
Updated:2010-04-25 15:52:09
Downloads: 13355

bs_damage Screenshot
by NehCoy
A script that allows you to see how much attack received and how much hp left. Furthermore you see who kills who

bs_damage Details Version: 2.6
Updated:2010-04-17 13:01:05
Downloads: 9326

Kill-Bonus Screenshot
by Datei
Its a Kill Bonus script which add Health and money for a normal kill ,Headshot or knive kill

Kill-Bonus Details Version: 2.0 completed
Updated:2010-06-02 06:39:50
Downloads: 8290

by macshot
Original sounds from the HLDM server The Will To Kill specially for you ;)

The Will To Kill Details Version: 1 Fixed
Updated:2010-06-21 16:22:00
Downloads: 4183

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