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Kill Damage Info 3 - Version 3.6

posted on 2010-03-08 15:18:09
by TimeShift_L4D


Totally recoded from version 2.0. Now codded with Python, with more features. This plugin show the damage you have done (per hit), who you killed/who killed you, the weapon used and much more!


[u]>[/u] Extract the .zip file on your [b]addons/eventscripts[/b] folder. [u]>[/u] Add [b]es_load kdi3[/b] line to your [b]autoexec.cfg[/b] [u]>[/u] Put the CVARs on [b]autoexec.cfg[/b] or [b]server.cfg[/b] kdi_showname <0/1> kdi_place <1/2> kdi_deathinfo <0/1/2/3> kdi_advert <0/1> CVARs Explanations: kdi_showname <0/1> = Defines if the damage message will show the victim's name kdi_place <1/2> = Defines the message place (1 = Center / 2 = HUD Hint) kdi_deathinfo <0/1/2/3> = Defines who the message will be shown (0 = None / 1 = Both / 2 = Victim Only / 3 = Killer only) kdi_advert <0/1> = Defines if the plugin will show an advert on each round start.

Version Notes For 3.6

Updated on: 2010-04-25 15:52:09 EST by TimeShift_L4D (View Zip Contents)
[b]3.0[/b] * Initial version. [b]3.1[/b] * Changed damage display message [b]3.2[/b] * Added public version cvar [b]3.3[/b] * Fixed damage hint not showing the damage value [b]3.4[/b] * Fixed damage hint showing if you damaged yourself * Fixed the number of kills/deaths of the menus shown to victim/killer * Added round_start advert [b]3.5[/b] * Added CVARs: - kdi_showname (Default: 1) Defines it the damage message will show the attacked person's name - kdi_place (Default: 2) Sets the place of the damage message - kdi_deathinfo (Default: 1) Defines who the plugin is going to show the information [b]3.6[/b] * Fixed CVAR kdi_deathinfo not public * Added CVAR: - kdi_advert (Default: 1) Defines if the plugin will show an advert on each round start.

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