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by Hisoka
Steal the skin of the enemy killing him with the knife. multi-language!

SFPoser Details Version: 0.1.6
Updated:2011-07-28 19:00:22
Downloads: 4012

ng_suizid Ist ein simples addon womit man sich ohne die ingame console mit dem chat befehl !kill selbst töten kann BENÖTIGT ES_TOOLS ersatz !

ng_suizid !kill Details Version: v1.1
Updated:2012-07-27 15:15:18
Downloads: 2404

Flying Blade Screenshot
This addon gives players the ability to throw their knifes a specific amount of time. Damage done by the knife, sound, rotation of the blade, its color and other settings can easily be configured.

Flying Blade Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2014-01-25 19:18:12
Downloads: 7052

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