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Headshot-mgc (best for deagle) Screenshot
by Datei
A Headshot Only Mod, Based on Live! Works NOT with Glock, Awp! Hope you like it =)

Headshot-mgc (best for deagle) Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2010-02-06 12:28:33
Downloads: 4581

Kill-Bonus Screenshot
by Datei
Its a Kill Bonus script which add Health and money for a normal kill ,Headshot or knive kill

Kill-Bonus Details Version: 2.0 completed
Updated:2010-06-02 06:39:50
Downloads: 7795

Kill-Bonus RUSSIAN Screenshot
Led by: loKkdoKk
Collaborators: Datei

Kill-Bonus RUSSIAN Details Version: 2.0 completed
Updated:2010-06-04 04:26:08
Downloads: 3820

by Datei
Techn Quake Sounds by =) hope you enjoy

Techno Quake Sounds  Details Version: 2
Updated:2010-06-19 13:43:02
Downloads: 3370

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