User Addons

by Jeff91
Creates a 'restrictweapon' command

Weapon Restriction Command Details Version: Release2
Updated:2007-10-29 20:56:30
Downloads: 6000

by Jeff91
Hitmods, Custom Grenade menu, and Per Weapon Rankings

J3ff's CSS Pluggin Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-07-09 14:43:42
Downloads: 37987

by Jeff91
Make your CSS server into a game of shotty snipers!

J3ff's Shotty Snipers Details Version: Release Candidate 1
Updated:2008-01-05 16:09:02
Downloads: 2620

by Jeff91
A simple match script for CS:S, HL2DM, and DoD:S.

Quick Match By: J3ff Details Version: Test .56
Updated:2008-01-29 01:10:50
Downloads: 7683

by Jeff91
Lists all .cfg files in your cfg/ folder on the server to be easily executed.

XA CFG Loader Details Version: 0.5.2
Updated:2008-05-08 13:38:21
Downloads: 7592

Restock Screenshot
by Jeff91
Allows players to regain ammo for their active gun by using !restock in chat/console.

Restock Details Version: 0.7.1
Updated:2008-07-08 13:19:41
Downloads: 5783

by Jeff91
Creates a delay command that will not carry over if the round ends before it runs.

enddelay command Details Version: Standard and Python!
Updated:2007-10-22 02:02:23
Downloads: 9879

by Jeff91
After a set time all players on both teams are random redistributed.

J3ff's Random Reassign Details Version: Release 1
Updated:2008-01-18 13:43:01
Downloads: 2571

by Jeff91
Naga Race for WCS:Python Mod

WCS:Python Naga Race Details Version: 0.8.3
Updated:2008-03-27 14:43:20
Downloads: 15379

by Jeff91
Necromancer Race for WCS:Python Based off of the Undead Necromancer in WC3:FT

WCS:Python Necromancer Race Details Version: 0.7.6
Updated:2008-06-11 12:08:20
Downloads: 32211

by Jeff91
WCS:Python Priest Race

WCS:Python Priest Race Details Version: 0.6.0b
Updated:2008-03-27 15:02:21
Downloads: 10245

by Jeff91
Converts WCS 0.7x keygroup saves into levels

WCS Keyconvertor Details Version: 0.9.0
Updated:2008-04-22 00:44:43
Downloads: 9389

by Jeff91
Adds a menu to XA that allows admins to respawn players.

XA Zombie Menu Details Version: 0.9.1
Updated:2008-05-01 22:08:48
Downloads: 5243

by Jeff91
Creates some useful tools for scripter for the 3rd party PVKII Source Conversion Mod.

PVKII Tools Details Version: 0.3.1
Updated:2008-05-13 14:11:33
Downloads: 4657

WCS:Python Sandshrew Race Screenshot
by Jeff91
A WCS race based off the the pokemon!

WCS:Python Sandshrew Race Details Version: 0.5.1
Updated:2008-06-04 10:35:57
Downloads: 6731

by Jeff91
Displays given messages in the corner of each user's screen every X seconds.

Simple Adverts Details Version: 0.7
Updated:2008-08-05 20:20:05
Downloads: 5407

Adrenaline Screenshot
by Jeff91
Player's all have Adrenaline counters that give the certain benifits.

Adrenaline Details Version: .73
Updated:2009-09-09 01:05:33
Downloads: 8566

Radiactive Mod (NEW!!) Screenshot
Led by: LightHades
Collaborators: Jeff91
A mod for Counter strike source (only tested in), that allows the players to choose between 4 default races, and fight. It is translated in English and Spanish.

Radiactive Mod (NEW!!) Details Version: 1 Beta
Updated:2009-12-22 09:11:08
Downloads: 5311

Regeneration Screenshot
by Jeff91
Gives player's halo or guild wars like health regeneration.

Regeneration Details Version: 0.91
Updated:2008-08-04 18:07:14
Downloads: 6854

Ammo Mod Screenshot
by Jeff91
Easily Edit the Ammo Values for all Weapons

Ammo Mod Details Version: .92
Updated:2009-05-26 01:33:25
Downloads: 5439

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