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Ammo Mod - Version .92

posted on 2009-05-23 11:39:08
by Jeff91


Allows the server admin, or anyone that can set CVars, to easily edit the amount of ammo weapons can have. Simply edit the ammomod.cfg in cstrike/cfg/ folder to the values you would like: [code]ammo_multi 1.5 ammo_ak47 90 ammo_m4a1 90 ammo_galil 90 ammo_famas 90 ammo_sg552 90 ammo_aug 90 ammo_glock 120 ammo_usp 100 ammo_p228 52 ammo_deagle 35 ammo_fiveseven 100 ammo_elite 120 ammo_m3 32 ammo_xm1014 28 ammo_mac10 100 ammo_tmp 120 ammo_ump45 100 ammo_mp5navy 120 ammo_p90 100 ammo_scout 90 ammo_awp 30 ammo_sg550 90 ammo_g3sg1 90 ammo_m249 200[/code] The top value 'ammo_multi' is a multiplier for all weapon's ammo. The default values are the normal weapon ammo settings.


es_install ammomod

Version Notes For .92

Updated on: 2009-05-26 01:33:25 EST by Jeff91 (View Zip Contents)
Fixed a small issue with weapons getting restored to full extra ammo when in the buy zone when past the mp_buytime

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