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Radiactive Mod (NEW!!) - Version 1 Beta

posted on 2009-12-22 08:56:29
Led by LightHades
Collaborators: Jeff91



Radiactive Mod is a RPG mod for HL2 Engine (only tested in css). The users can make their own race habilities, races and global habilities. There are 4 defaut races, and, actually, only the Arsonist race has 2 habilities. I will make 3 default habilities for every default race and 2 global habilities (for all the races) In the radmod.cfg you can change a lot of options, like enable every round the friendly fire, change the xp winned for killing a player... Also you can enable or disable the zombie mod, that allos the players that have more than X lvls, (you can change that level in the config) respawn as a corrupted human. (i need models that do not crash the server...) If you want to do your own races or skills, ask that in the [url=]Forum post[/url]


Extract the files in the mod directory (like cstrike...) and load the addon typing in the console or in autoexec.cfg: es_load radmod Then you can play, and also change the configuration

Version Notes For 1 Beta

Updated on: 2009-12-22 09:11:08 EST by LightHades (View Zip Contents)
-4 default races -You can change your model color -Different move speeds and health -You can make your own races or skills

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